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Jordyn Grace Makeup

“Jordyn is a vivacious, vibrant, and unbelievable artist to the makeup industry. Her artistic ability, knowledge, and keen listening skills rank her as a, “top notch” artist. Jordyn’s skills will prove she is the, “face and name” for the next big makeup artist. I can’t wait to see her future endeavours in the makeup industry.”

“Jordyn was the makeup artist on set for an editorial look that I was apart of. The shoot truly owes it’s success to Jordyn. Throughout the shoot Jordyn shared her wisdom and knowledge as she used various products and techniques, many of which were from recent courses she had taken. I was inspired by her passion, dedication, and continuous desire to learn. Jordyn inspires me to be more creative and I’m so excited to continue to watch her on this journey.”

“I have highly recommended Jordyn Grace Makeup to my family and friends, and now I’m recommending her to you! She is a sweet and genuine person who is doing what she’s meant to do in this life. She has the gift of makeup people comfortable while working in an up-close and personal setting. She’s an extremely talented artist, I’m not sure she’s even fully aware to what extent, who is humble but also exciting as she makes the fun and daring parts of makeup accessible to every day people!”

"Jordyn is so talented. She is truly an amazing makeup artist and deserves to be recognized for her amazing work. It amazes me everyday what she is able to do as an artist. Jordyn has given me a makeover and I felt completely beautiful and glammed up. She is very committed to her clients and it is proven by her work. I would recommend her to any family or friend with full confidence that she would do an amazing job.”

"Jordyn Grace Makeup has everything you could ever strive for in a woman! Not only is she an amazing makeup artist that makes anyone feel their most confident, but she's real with her clients. She makes her clients and everyone around her feel so special and beautiful. She is always up to date on current trends, making people smile, and enhancing everyone's natural beauty. She truly is a one of a kind makeup artist and I can't recommend her enough.”

“Jordyns passion for makeup and beauty surpasses majority of women I know. She is extremely talented and is constantly taking courses to improve her skills even more! I absolutely love the content she creates. She keeps her audience intrigued and entertained…she is very artistic and works very hard at creating a name for herself! I hope to see her thrive even more…”

“Jordyn did my makeup recently and I was absolutely stunned, I felt like the person I want to be seen as. Not only is she amazing at what she does - her skills bring out the beauty that her clients have, and accentuate it so they feel their best; she’s also the sweetest, most personable, and fun woman you will ever meet. She is down to earth, authentic, and compassionate, which is exactly the type of person you want to trust with your face.”

“Jordyn has proven time and time again that her makeup skills are like no other! She embraces beauty of all kind and empowers woman to be confident in their own skin! She has made myself, along with plenty others feel so confident, and comfortable with our appearance whether we are wearing makeup or not! Jordyn is your gal!”

“I had my makeup done for prom by Jordyn a few years ago, and it was flawless to say the least. She gave me exactly the look I wanted with a few tweaks to better suit my skin tone and eyes. The look lasted me all throughout the day and well into the night without moving, creasing or melting. Since then I have been drawn to Jordyn’s page, her skills have significantly developed since my list, and her range and knowledge on makeup is impeccable!”

“I’ve known Jordyn for a while and she’s always had a strong passion for makeup and watching her grow and improve has been incredible. She is truly in love with what she does and she is amazing at it. She has done my makeup, or even touched up my poorly done job and made me feel so pretty and confident. Jordyn also has done my lashes which I feel in love with and got many compliments on how natural it looks. I love seeing her new looks and how she explores the makeup world. I recommend her to all.”

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